Attack on the Suez Canal

Only a P.C. in answer to your long letter but you quite understand that time is scarce old chap, don’t you? Of course you heard our Company had a brush with the Turks but unfortunately they, or rather we, were never in the “thick of it”. We were the only Australians on the Canal so there is no holding us now.

At Ismalia we had a beautiful camping ground right in the midst of the trees you see on this card. During the day we made good use of the bathing sheds that fringe the lake shore.

 We are having a great time taking it all round but are hogging to “get into it”. We expect to leave Africa next week for a destination unknown. I tip Syria.


This anonymous postcard was written by a ‘first contingent’ Australian belonging to either the 7th or 8th Infantry Battalion of Victoria. Of course the secret destination was to be the Gallipoli Peninsula, where the writer most likely would have gone ashore on the 25th April 1915. His fate is unknown.

The postcard below depicts the short battle with a hint of well-deserved British jingoism…


On the 2nd February, 1915, a large Turkish force attempted to cross the Suez Canal and invade Egypt. They were allowed to approach quite closely, and even to launch their pontoons. Then the British Defence Force, comprising Indian, Australasian, and other troops, opened fire, supported by steamers on the Canal itself. The Turks suffered enormous losses and speedily beat a retreat.

This is the photo-side of the card written by the anonymous digger from Victoria.