Benefits of Comparative Liberty

After being in isolation due to a mumps scare, Digger Fred is happy to be ‘free’ again…


June 23rd 18

Somewhere in France

Dear Iva,

For about 3 weeks I have had the pleasure of being in isolation camp, owing to one of the chaps in our tent having generously developed mumps for our benefit, but I am out again now & enjoying the blessing of comparative liberty. I think I told you all about it in my last letter, am just sending these few cards as I expect a letter from you any day, most of the chaps here have had there Aussie mail during the past week & there is certain to be some for me hanging around. Most of my mates were sent up the line whilst I was in isolation & so there is very few left here now. I have not had any letters from Les lately, but I can easily understand that as the mail does not always come to hand at the appointed time. Will tell all the news in the letter as I am just scribbling this because a chap is going over to Blighty & will post it there for me. Good Bye & best love to you & all at home.

Yours sincerely, Fred.


A Three-Card Set

Quite often if budget, time and availability were favourable, postcards sets would be sent home, in sets like these, with a longer ‘letter’. One of the interesting facts about so many postcards, and even letters, is the amount of space and time the author would use talking about ‘the mail’. Some postcards are sent for that reason alone – to tell/ask the people at home to write!