The six bob tourist collection has been slowly forming since around 2005. What began with an historic interest in dates, battalions and locations soon morphed into a fascination with the individual author of each postcard or note. The dates, battalions and locations are still important as a means of context, but the love, best wishes, lies of good health and hope of getting through all read today with the same raw humanity as they did when they were scribbled.

The Six Bob Collection has been formed and put to use for the very purpose of family or local research. Our hope is that something within the collection will add a little colour, detail and connection to the stories currently being researched across Australia and beyond.

Here’s some tips on using our site: 

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Search engine – type in a town, a corps, even a name or a date. It’s worth a try!

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If you would like to enquire about anything then please do: info@sixbobtourists.com.au