Six Bob Collections are diaries, letters, photo albums & postcards that have remained intact and tell a detailed story of an Anzac’s experience in the Great War of 1914-1918. They are big and they are small, but if they are kept together, they hold enormous value as primary historic documents and narratives. A primary focus of Six Bob Tourists is to keep collections together, which can sometimes prove to be difficult against the growing tide of online sales of WW1 military items. Single photos or letters can attract a much higher price than if they are offered as part of an intact group, however their historic value and provenance diminishes.

If you have a collection of any kind and would like it digitised and offered freely for research please contact us.

A tour around England with Corporal Charles Sheppard, 1916 to 1918. (250 postcards)
Postcards sent by Quartermaster David Barty to his wife and three sons at their home in Newport, Victoria.