Little Salonika Donkeys

Another single card, that appears to have been written by a ‘Tommy’ doing time in the one of the many British Hospitals in Salonika, Macedonia (Thessaloniki, northern Greece). The 20th Stationary Hospital was part of a cluster of medical units situated about three kilometres north east of the city. Very little detail can be inferred from this card, other than the girl Violet appears to be quite young, but not a close relative. The appreciation for prayer for our soldiers and sailors seems to point toward an English author, some might say so too does the good writing and grammar! Although some Australian troops and many nurses served in Salonika, there were thousands of British troops there through 1916 & 1917.

20th Stationary Hosp. Salonika

May 18th 1916

Dear Violet,

I was so glad to get the letter your Mother wrote to me for you. I thank you and her very much: it cheered me up so much, and so it did to hear that you pray for all our soldiers and sailors everyday. I know God answers your prayers, dear, and that many of us receive more help from Him because you ask Him to help us. I hope you are well now. You can see in this picture how the people make their donkeys carry things.

Your affectionately, W Scheen.

The scene below shows the busy waterfront of the city with Ambulances, French & British troops, tram lines and shops – quite a contrast to the donkeys in the back streets.