Scratched at Gallipoli

Dear Winn,

Just a card to let you know I am getting on alright now. I have been ill for a fortnight & got a scratch too before I left the trenches. I am now in a Heliopolis Hospital, near Cairo. I’ll write next week. Expecting to be discharged in a few days now. I’m feeling pretty well. And yourself Winnie, how are you getting on? Have you got good news from George? I hope he is doing well. I am quite enjoying this quiet time after our strenuous life at the front.

Ever your sincere friend, G. F.

As the date 9th Sept 1915 discloses, the author of this card was ‘scratched’ at Gallipoli and shipped back to Egypt to recover. The Heliopolis Hospital was an extravagant affair – set up in the Palace Hotel (pictured below). He refers to a ‘George’ – inferring that he too was ‘scratched’ and sent off to recover somewhere out of contact…

Winnifed Burton’s husband, Private George Burton was shot in the back at Gallipoli on the 31st July 1915. He was transferred through Malta to England, and from there home in March 1916.

Heliopolis Palace Hotel