The Sheppard Collection

A Postcard Tour of the U.K.

From July 1916 to January 1918, forty-four year old school teacher Charles Sheppard served at the 1st Australian Auxiliary Hospital, Harefield, England. After sailing from Australia he consistently sent postcards home to his wife, daughter and mother in Sydney, New South Wales. In over two-hundred cards he wrote very little about himself or the military, instead he gives a tour-guide-like commentary on the numerous places of interest that he visited.

We hope you enjoy taking this month-by-month tour with Charles, beginning at Port Melbourne pier in February 1916 and ending in England in early 1918. This vast collection of postcards are a classic example of a serving soldier’s experience as a tourist while not on duty…

  • June 1916 – Salisbury, Stonehenge & Ludgershall
  • July 1916 – London & Windsor
  • August 1916 – Windsor castle, Stoke & Tower of London
  • September 1916
  • October 1916
  • November 1916
  • December 1916

March 1916

Liners at Port Melbourne Pier
'My Darling' 16th March 1916
Swanston Street Melbourne
Swanston Street Melbourne
'My Darling Wife' 17th March 1916
Town Hall Melbourne
Town Hall Melbourne
'My darling little girlie'