Time to recognise

In March 1915 unit identification was devised. Cloth colour patches were sewn into the upper arms of the soldiers tunic. The shape and colour indicated the wearer’s unit.

George above, was allocated to the 1st Division as a private and saw service at Gallipoli, recognised by the introduction of a brass letter ‘A’ for Anzac in 1917. Gallipoli veterans were entitled to wear the ‘A’ on their colour patches and in January 1918 the right to wear it was extended to service “on the islands of Lemnos, Imbros, and Tenedos, and on the transport or hospital ships at or off Gallipoli.

On his left arm he sports two Good Conduct stripes introduced in 1917 for long service and directly under the stripes George bares witness to a wound stripe of a narrow gold Russia braid, two inches in length introduced in 1916. This strip was a mark of each occasion a soldier was wounded badly enough to be evacuated from the front line.

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