A32 Thermistocles


The only way to move the Australian Imperial Force to the theatre of war was by ship. Seventy-four ships from various fleet owners were seconded by the Government and designated ‘A’ and numbered one to seventy-four. They were mostly one funnel steamships ranging in tonnage from 3,952 tons (A51 Chilka) to 18,481 tons (A40 Ceramic). Many more ships were ‘chartered’ at various times to transport troops to and from Europe, but they did not carry the ‘A’ designation.

A1 Hymettus
A3 Orvieto
A7 Medic
A9 Shropshire
A11 Ascanius
A19 Afric
A29 Suevic
A32 Thermistocles
A34 Persic
A40 Ceramic
A46 Clan MacGillivray
A54 Runic
A60 Aeneas
A61 Kanowna
A64 Demosthenes
A8 Argyllshire